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Elemental, led by Sean Locke and Jason Schoch, is focused on co-designing innovative web and mobile applications with start-ups and established companies. To facilitate this we offer five-day Design Sprints modeled on the methodology by Google Ventures.



What Are Design Sprints?

Design sprints were born from a confluence of collaborative design movements. Sprints evolved from the adventurous collaborations at IDEO, the experiments at Stanford d.school, and culminating with its most detailed expression at Google Ventures.

We plan each sprint around an intense schedule of creative collaboration. Because of the highly collaborative nature, and the emphasis on divergent and convergent thinking, ideas and proposed solutions can come from any participant in the room, not just the leader.


I was nervous about a design sprint that would tie up all resources for a whole week, but it accelerated our thinking on projects that were already in motion.
— Angel Anderson, CEO & Co-Founder (NailSnaps)


The design sprint allowed us to come together and communicate as a team, far beyond Slack updates and weekly meetings
— Vanessa Stofenmacher, CEO (Vrai & Oro)


Why Design Sprints?

We've found that design sprints give teams a direct path to learning without the expense of building and launching a product.

Design sprints allow teams to quickly arrive at customer validated answers to a product's most important questions. By focusing energy on testing a hypothesis with real customers, we help teams minimize risk on high-stakes initiatives. What would normally takes months to achieve is condensed to five days.





Could NailSnaps capture a larger audience through an improved multi-device commerce platform and disrupt an $8.5 billion dollar industry?

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Vrai & Oro

Could Vrai & Oro pioneer the age of lab-grown diamond engagement rings and redefine the experience though a try-at-home service?

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