User Experience Designer


Simply put...

My focus is on finding the intersection of simplicity and delight through deep user research and explorations in collaborative design thinking.


My Process

User-Centered Design


As an advocate for the user, the User-Centered Design methodology is my primary technique. If given enough time and investment, taking a full user-centered design approach has provided the opportunity to deeply focus on a product and explore the potential.

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Lean UX


With user-centered design as my base, I've utilized the Lean UX methodology to quickly test and iterate on a product as it's moving through the various stages. These tests have included functional prototypes and concierge applications. 

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Design Sprints


The quickest route to learning is the Design Sprint. Through this technique I've partnered with amazing clients to help test their product assumptions and brand extensions. In five days we've taken products from idea to actual customer validation.

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